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FLOR by heuga

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FLOR by Heuga is modular soft flooring that is suitable for all areas of the home or business, it’s carpet in a box! Developed 50 years ago, FLOR by heuga still stands for contemporary living, in fact its now more popular than ever. The tiles are used all over the world, both for residential and commercial use.

The FLOR by heuga brand is now part of Interface, established in 1973 when Ray Anderson recognised the need for flexible floor coverings and began manufacturing and distributing modular carpet tiles. Interface is now the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in the world, and sell products and services in more than 100 countries worldwide and recognise the need for excellence in service, design, colour, product practicality and sustainability.

A global company, Interface produce products from 33 sites around the world and are working to become a fully sustainable company by the year 2020. For many people sustainability translates into 'environmentally friendly' but it is much broader than this. It represents much more than reducing waste, protecting wildlife species and recycling, Sustainability is a process.

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