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Milliken's reputation within the floorcoverings industry is unparalleled. From its advanced manufacturing facility in Wigan, north-west England, the company's European Contract Carpet Division has been supplying high-performance modular carpet since 1987.

Milliken's extensive product portfolio offers a wide choice for both Private and Public Sector clients. Our collection includes premium cut pile fusion bonded Milliken Colours, ideal for high-end office spaces, High Performance loop pile and Essentials value loop pile range which includes a collection developed specifically for our Public Sector clients.

Milliken Premium Cut Pile Fusion Bonded Modular Carpet

Milliken's premium cut pile product is highly engineered to ensure superior aesthetics and maximum performance. Engineered to Perform, utilises advanced Antron® nylon yarn for improved wear performance and stain resistance. Yarn includes up to 30% recycled content. Yarn is heat-set for superior pin-point pattern definition and is fused into the carpet backing to create one solid construction with each tuft individually locked into the backing. Modules are dimensionally stable and guaranteed to maintain their original size.

Aesthetically Superior, Milliken's Millitron® Imaging technology allows for digital placement of colour which offers supreme design flexibility and incredible pattern accuracy and consistency.

Milliken Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection is a range of cushion backed, tufted loop pile modular carpet which offers exceptional value for money. The collection includes a range of 16 plain colours and 10 stylish designs.

Environmentally Sustainable, Rigorously engineered to be as environmentally as sustainable as possible. Achieves a BRE Environmental Profile "A" Rating. Integral cushion backing manufactured from 85% recycled poly urethane. Lower face weight reduces yarn usage.

This design range is approved and recommended by the OGC Buying Solutions government purchasing organisation.

Milliken's high performance level loop pile modular carpet

Milliken's high performance level loop pile modular carpet combines beautiful aesthetics with exceptional wear performance. Engineered to Perform, Utilises a high performance Antron® yarn which is twisted for enhanced appearance retention. Yarn is de-lustred to give a wool-like a ppearance. Robust manufacturing process makes each module dimensionally stable and free from problems of fraying or unravelling. Milliken's unique Millitron® Imaging technology creates deep and sophisticated textural aesthetics. Precisely modulated patterning provides highly accurate pattern registration through the digital placement of colour.

Milliken's Discovery™

Milliken's Discovery™ marks the beginning of a new design direction for Milliken Contract. It is about the convergence of texture and digital colour placement. The pattern is integrated into the structure, so it reads as one. They are not separate elements but are in extricably linked. Pattern emerges through texture and texture through pattern to create an unexpected, complex new surface.

Discovery comprises six patterns. GRAPHIA, LITHO, and FUSIONE focus on textures where the surface has been affected by change over time, such as weathered tree bark. LINEA and RATIO take their inspiration from the simplicity of authentic materials, such as linen and silk. DUE represents classic, timeless design and three dimensional textiles with woven and coiled structures.

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