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Karndean design flooring replicates the look and feel of natural materials such as slate, ceramic, marble, glass, limestone and wood.

Made from an exceptionally durable form of customised vinyl, Karndean comes without the drawbacks of some natural products and is much warmer and quieter under foot, offering any home or business an easy and low cost flooring option. As Karndean comes as individual planks and tiles the product offers a significant advantage to designing your own personalised floor.

Karndean has been producing stylish quality flooring since 1973. The company's dedication to product research and development has earned a reputation around the globe for supplying imaginative, innovative and affordable flooring products to both consumers and businesses.

One of the major benefits of Karndean floors is its guarantee of durability because Karndean floors are made from sturdy and long lasting form of highly customized vinyl. They are made up of pure virgin PVC with high quality plasticizers. Karndean floors are manufactured to create a textured surface, which replicates natural material.

Karndean offers a lot of advantages in terms of maintenance, design capability and cost. Some of the major benefits of Karndean are its easy installation, versatility, practicality, durability, maintenance and warm underfoot.

Karndean is versatile because it is resistant to moisture. Even if water is spilled on the floor, it will not warp out of shape.Karndean floors may be the best choice in problem areas like the kitchens and bathrooms where water might spill frequently.

Karndean floors are easy to install, they can be place in any room in your home including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, and hallway. It is also recommended for use in a number of commercial locations such as shops, showrooms, and schools. They can be utilized for all indoor floor surfaces, over concrete or wood sub-floors and are also suitable for installation over existing vinyl floors.

Karndean is widely known to be:

  • versatile - many different options available.
  • warm - Karndean is warm underfoot.
  • quiet - Karndean is quiet, not hollow and loud.
  • low maintenance - very little effort to keep Karndean in top condition.
  • easy to clean - doesn't scratch or warp with moisture.
  • water resistant - cleaning with water and mops doesn't warp Karndean.
  • real looking - Karndean mimics natural materials.
  • anti-dirt - Karndean doesn't harbour germs and dirt.

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