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Amtico Flooring

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Amtico floors feature world leading technology ensuring a stunning appearance, outstanding performance and reassuring long life. An Amtico floor looks like the real thing - faithfully replicating the character and appearance of natural stone, wood and other materials. Amtico products also feature the longest extended pattern repeat in the market, adding to the natural look over the whole floor when laid. With a choice of over 200 designs - plus border and motif options.

Amtico is renowned for being:

  • quiet
  • durable
  • low maintenance
  • cost effective
  • easy to clean
  • warm underfoot

Amtico flooring is made from a resin, which is compounded with various high quality plasticizers and mixed with stabilizers. These ingredients are all compressed under high pressure and subjected to high temperatures. When completed the flooring is extremely durable, very thin (thinner than laminates) and with a close resemblence to natural materials. Many people comment upon is the life-like properties of Amtico, even though it is entirely man-made. Amtico flooring acheives this using customized printed films which are placed between a protective layer and the glued to the core. Amtico also offer a range of metallic and stone effect tiles that are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Amtico flooring tiles are protected by a coating of super tough urethane. This layer of high specification urethane protects the printed film from scratching, while making the floor simple to keep clean. The urethane layer also keeps the floor looking polished. As Amtico floors are non-porous it will not absorb any moisture. Therefore, if you are mopping a floor or spill water it will either have to be dried with a cloth or you will need to allow the moisture to evaporate. If the Amtico floor is in a public area you should take precautions and provide warning signage.

Amtico flooring is simple to maintain primarily because it doese not require frequent cleansing. Unlike a real wood floor, Amtico does not need contact polishing and is relatively resistant to scratches and marking. Amtico is a non-intensive maintenance floor. Cleaning the floor can be acheived by sweeping the floor or hoovering in order to remove dust and hairs. If you would like to bring up a shine you can easily mop the floor without any concern for warping.

Dark Rubber Marks are a common issue that affects most hard floors, from laminates to tiles. Because Amtico is non-porous it is easy to remove these marks. Most can be removed by simply rubbing them off gently, but the more persistent marks can be removed with floor cleaner and a damp cloth.

A properly laid Amtico floor will be entirely waterproof and will not be damaged by liquid spills. Therefore, cleaning with mops and typical household cleaning products is fine.

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